Why Sonic Architecture?

We can’t close our ears like our eyes. We always hear sound—in every building, in every public space, in every landscape.

Yet, the sonic dimension of architectural spaces is mostly limited to noise protection and insulation. We believe that sound has much more potential within the framework of architectural design.

Sound can make a space feel intimate or generous, large or small, cold or warm. Sound can make us feel lonely or connected, relaxed or excited, distant or immersed. Sound can change the way we interact with each other. It shapes our way of being in the world.

We develop holistic sound designs for spaces on all levels, including acoustic interventions, discreetly integrated sound installations and custom designed music playlists. We create sound experiences that enable a meaningful engagement with the present place for all senses.

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You are welcome to check out our individual portfolios until we are back:

Ludwig Berger
Alexander Pospischil